Rockland Community College Secures $933,000 State Grant for New Industrial Machinery Maintenance Mechanics Program

In a significant move to enhance skill-based education, Rockland Community College (RCC) has been awarded a substantial state grant of $933,000. This funding is earmarked for the development of a new pathway focusing on industrial machinery maintenance mechanics. This initiative is particularly aimed at addressing the talent shortages faced by Hudson Valley employers in the advanced manufacturing sector.

The grant will enable RCC to establish a robust training program that not only equips students with vital industry skills but also culminates in an industry-recognized credential. Kevin Stump, the college’s Vice President of Economic Mobility and Workforce Innovation, emphasized the importance of this state investment. He noted that it would allow the college to collaborate closely with employers to create pathways that are responsive to industry needs and lead to family-sustaining jobs.

This program is set to open doors for students seeking employment in high-demand fields. It promises a starting salary benchmark of at least $40,000, making it an attractive option for those looking to enter the workforce with a strong financial footing. Additionally, the program is designed to offer flexibility, providing opportunities for students to obtain industry-specific certificates or to transition into degree-seeking programs.

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