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REVOLTING: Neturei Karta Protests After Ramapo Town Supervisor Calls For Hostages’ Release

Dozens of baby killer supporters gathered outside the Ramapo Municipal Building and Police Department headquarters on Sunday afternoon to make their voices clear – they support evil terrorists.

Roughly 60 Neturei Karta Iran lovers demonstrated outside the Municipal Building – hours after Town Supervisor Michael Specht made his own stance on the Israel-Hamas conflict clear. Specht posted on his WhatsApp status a simple yet powerful message: “100 Days. Bring Them Home.”

Specht was marking 100 days since October 7, when Hamas terrorists burst into Israel, massacring 1,200 civilians and taking roughly 240 others hostage. More than half of those hostages are still in Gaza.

Despite having 100 days to rethink their evil position, Neturei Karta is clearly not budging. Their evil knows no bounds.

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