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Residents Call for Sidewalks on Cragmere Road: Town of Ramapo Officials Respond

In a recent push for improved pedestrian safety, residents of the Cragmere Road neighborhood have requested the installation of sidewalks. Approximately two weeks ago, residents approached Town of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht to express their concerns. They also engaged with Deputy Mayor Shimon Moses of the Village of Airmont.

Cragmere Road presents a unique challenge as it spans multiple jurisdictions, including unincorporated Ramapo, the Village of Airmont, and the Village of Suffern. Any sidewalk planning and installation will require coordinated efforts among these municipalities.

The community’s growth has increased pedestrian traffic on Cragmere Road, which currently lacks sidewalks and substantial shoulders, heightening safety concerns.

In response, Supervisor Specht has reached out to Suffern Mayor Curley, Airmont Mayor Bubel, and Deputy Mayor Moses. All officials responded positively and agreed to meet with Specht and the residents to discuss the issue.

Supervisor Specht has also directed the Town of Ramapo Department of Public Works engineers to solicit proposals for a survey and sidewalk design to determine the best path forward.

A meeting to address these concerns is scheduled for July 12 at 9 a.m.

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