Record Early Voting Turnout in Rockland County as Polls Remain Open

As the local election season heats up, Rockland County is witnessing a significant surge in early voting numbers. A record-breaking total of 9,274 residents have cast their votes early, with an additional 2,369 absentee ballots submitted as of Monday morning, according to data obtained by News 12 through a Freedom of Information Act request.

This year’s early voting figures have eclipsed those from previous comparable local elections, marking a noticeable increase in voter turnout. In a historical comparison, only 6,839 voters participated in early voting in 2019, with the number slightly declining to 5,407 in 2021. The Board of Elections has confirmed that the current numbers show a substantial uptick in voter engagement for this election cycle.

The rise in early voter turnout may be attributed to increased public interest in the local issues at stake, as well as enhanced awareness campaigns about the importance of voting. The Board of Elections has also made concerted efforts to ensure that the voting process is accessible and efficient, encouraging more residents to take part.

As the polls remain open today until 9 p.m., Rockland County officials are preparing for what could be a record-setting day in voter participation. Residents are urged to continue this trend and exercise their right to vote, shaping the future of their community.

Voters can find their nearest polling location by visiting the Rockland County Board of Elections website. With the high number of early votes already cast, the county awaits what could be a pivotal moment in its democratic process.

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