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Ramapo Taxi & Limousine Commission Discusses Progress and New Regulations Ahead of 2024 Enforcement

At a meeting of the Ramapo Taxi & Limousine Commission on Thursday, officials discussed the progress made since the township’s new regulations were implemented.

Officials said that more than 80 vehicles have been inspected and stickered thus far, and more than 100 drivers have undergone background checks – with many more vehicles and drivers going through the process now.

The officials also discussed that they are working along with Rockland County on a mechanism by which taxi drivers will hopefully only need one license that would be eligible for the entire county, rather than separate ones for each municipality.

Discussions were also held to allow entire fleets of vehicles to be inspected without each vehicle having to be brought into the inspection center.

Police will begin enforcing the new regulations with tickets at the beginning of 2024. However, there will be some level of enforcement that could begin within the next few weeks.

Passengers are advised to look at the taxi license number when entering an inspected vehicle, so that if any issues come up, they can contact the Taxi & Limousine Commission and identify which vehicle they are filing a complaint about.

Questions, concerns, comments, and complaints can be made to the Commission by calling 845-357-5100 ext. 440 or emailing

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