Ramapo Taxi and Limousine Commission Held Meeting and Provided Updates as Set Schedule Going Further

The Ramapo Taxi and Limousine Commission convened this morning, marking the first of its quarterly meetings for the year. Scheduled to meet on the first and third Thursdays of every month, the Commission embarked on a thorough review of the current status of taxi and driver licensing within the town.

The Commission announced the addition of Rabbi Aron Yosef Berger to its ranks, further diversifying the expertise and perspectives represented on the panel. Rabbi Berger’s inclusion underscores the Commission’s commitment to community engagement and inclusive representation in its decision-making processes.

Over 500 vehicles have undergone inspection, with nearly 100 more slated for review in the coming weeks as applications continue to pour in. Additionally, more than 440 driver licenses have been issued, with around 60 applicants currently in the process.

A discussion took place between the Commission and county officials concerning the harmonization of taxi laws. The Town of Ramapo aims to align its regulations with those of the county, advocating for a unified legal framework that would eventually see the dissolution of the town’s Taxi Commission in favor of county-level oversight. This strategic move is intended to alleviate additional burdens on drivers and companies from redundant fees and inspections, prioritizing the safety of both residents and drivers.

Further adjustments to the taxi law are underway, spearheaded by the town’s legal department. These modifications aim to clarify existing statutes, including stipulations on vehicle window tint and interior dividers, as well as revising fines for non-compliance. A public hearing scheduled for the end of February will precede the adoption of these changes by the town board.

In tandem with regulatory revisions, the Ramapo Police Department has initiated a traffic enforcement campaign, targeting compliance with the updated taxi law among other traffic-related issues. The first court session for violators of the taxi law took place yesterday, offering leniency to those who demonstrated efforts towards compliance.

The meeting, which welcomed public attendance, was notably joined by a sergeant from the Town of Ramapo Police and a sergeant from the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office, underscoring a collaborative enforcement effort.

Commission members, including Yvonne Louis, Joseph Margaretten, Mona Montel, Morton Silberberg, Josh Hans, Assistant Town Attorney Amy Mele, and the newly appointed Rabbi Aron Yosef Berger, are at the forefront of these regulatory advancements.

Ramapo residents and stakeholders are encouraged to voice their comments or suggestions regarding the new regulations by contacting the Commission via email at RamapoTaxi@Ramapo.org or through a dedicated phone line at 845-357-5100 Ext 440 for reporting violations or raising concerns.


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