RAMAPO: Siblings Arrested for Stealing Check from Local Business Mailbox

On Tuesday, September 12th, Ramapo police detectives took a 20-year-old female and her 19-year-old brother from Hillcrest into custody in connection with the theft of a check from a local business’s mailbox. The siblings later tried to cash the stolen check at a nearby bank.

After the necessary processing procedures, the pair were released with an appearance ticket. They are scheduled to appear before the Ramapo Justice Court later this month.

In the wake of this incident, the Ramapo police have issued guidelines to help residents protect themselves against potential mail and package thefts. They recommend the following:

  1. Prompt Mail Pickup: Avoid leaving letters and packages in your mailbox or at your door for extended periods.
  2. Monitor Overdue Mail: Regularly check on the status of expected mail or packages.
  3. Avoid Sending Cash: Always opt for more secure methods when transferring funds.
  4. Organize Prompt Package Pickup: Coordinate with the sender or the delivery service to ensure timely collection.
  5. Use ‘Hold for Pickup’: When expecting important deliveries, use services that allow you to pick up packages directly from the post office or delivery center.
  6. Ask for Signature Confirmation: This ensures that your package is handed over only to the intended recipient.
  7. Update Your Address: If you move or change your place of residence, make sure to file a change of address to avoid potential thefts at your previous location.

The police urge the community to follow these guidelines and share them with friends and family to create a safer environment for all.

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