Ramapo Ramps Up Pothole Repair Operations Following Winter Season: Residents Urged to Report Road Damages Via Phone, Email, and Social Media

The Town of Ramapo has taken proactive measures to address the pothole issue that has emerged following the winter season and subsequent rainstorms. In a statement released on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Wednesday evening, Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht outlined the town’s efforts and provided information on how residents can report potholes.

According to the Supervisor’s post, the Town of Ramapo Highway Department has been actively repairing potholes on roads across the town for the past few weeks. This initiative comes in response to the damage caused by the winter weather and rain, which has resulted in a significant increase in potholes, affecting the daily commute of many residents.

Residents are encouraged to participate in the town’s effort to repair the roads by reporting any potholes they encounter. The Town of Ramapo Highway Department can be contacted directly at 845-357-0903 or via email at townoframapohighway@ramapo-ny.gov to report potholes on any road within the town’s jurisdiction. The department ensures that the appropriate authorities will be promptly notified to address the issue.

Furthermore, the public has the option to contact the Supervisor’s office directly at 845-357-5100. The office staff will relay pothole reports to the Highway Department, ensuring that all concerns are addressed efficiently.

In an effort to make the reporting process more accessible, the town has also established a presence on X, where residents can tweet the locations of potholes using the handle @Ramapo_Pothole. By tagging @Ramapo_Pothole and mentioning the Highway Department, residents can contribute to the town’s road maintenance efforts more directly.

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