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Ramapo Police Issue Advisory on Fawn Distress Calls

As the end of May and beginning of June approach, the Ramapo Police Department has issued a reminder to residents regarding fawn sightings and potential distress calls. Each year, the department receives numerous calls about fawns that appear to be abandoned or in distress.

In a social media post, the police emphasized the importance of understanding that deer do not abandon their young. “Fawns, like many other wild animal babies, are frequently hidden and left alone for hours by their mothers while they forage for food,” the statement read.

During the first couple of weeks of their lives, fawns generally nap while waiting for their mothers to return. They remain very still to avoid attracting predators, including well-meaning humans who may mistakenly believe they are abandoned or in distress.

A key indicator that a fawn is healthy and hydrated is if its ears are perked up. The Ramapo Police urge residents to refrain from intervening and to allow nature to take its course, ensuring the safety and well-being of the fawns.



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