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Ramapo Police Honors Officers at 9th Annual Award Ceremony

On Wednesday morning, the Ramapo Police Department held its 9th Annual Award Ceremony at the Crowne Plaza, celebrating the outstanding achievements of its officers. The event recognized the dedication and service of its members with the presentation of 54 awards across four categories.

The Ramapo Police extended their gratitude to Town Supervisor Michael Specht, Deputy Supervisor Logan, the Town Board, and various Village officials including Chaverim Of Rockland’s Coordinator Yossi Margeratten and Ramapo OEP Coordinator Josh Hans, for their support and attendance. A highlight of the ceremony was the honoring of Chief Reilly, who received the prestigious Ramapo Eagle Award from Town officials in recognition of his exemplary service and commitment to the community.

The event also saw the presence of management representatives from Manhattan Beer Distributors, who acknowledged the efforts of Ramapo officers in apprehending suspects involved in two separate burglaries.

The ceremony concluded with a special gesture from the Crowne Plaza, which provided desserts in honor of National Police Week. The Ramapo Police Department expressed their heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to the success of the event and reiterated their commitment to the safety and well-being of the community.

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