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Ramapo Police Engage with Local Teens at Chabad C-Teen Program’s Law Enforcement Appreciation Night {PHOTOS}

In a true display of community policing, Ramapo Police officers joined the Chabad C-Teen Program on Monday night for their annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Night. This event brought officers and local teens from Suffern together for an evening of friendly competition and camaraderie.

The evening’s activities included various contests, where the officers emerged victorious this year. However, the most significant outcome was not the final score but the meaningful connections formed between law enforcement and the youth of the community.

In a heartfelt gesture, the Ramapo Police expressed their gratitude to Chabad of Suffern for making the night even sweeter with specially baked cookies for the officers. The department posted a sincere thank you message, highlighting the success of the event in strengthening community ties.

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