Ramapo Police Department’s Traffic Safety Unit Cracks Down on Aggressive Driving

The Town of Ramapo Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) has been taking proactive measures to address the issue of aggressive driving in the area. In two separate concentrated enforcement patrols, the TSU has been making strides towards safer roads.

Last week, the TSU turned its attention to Forshay Rd, where they tackled speed compliance and aggressive driving. During this operation, a total of 26 vehicles were pulled over for violations related to speed compliance.

Today, the TSU shifted its focus to Airmont Rd and Rt 59, specifically targeting intersection violations. As a result of their rigorous enforcement efforts, 36 vehicles were stopped for various intersection-related violations.

Notably, the TSU has gained recognition on the popular navigation app, WAZE. Their four units were marked nine times, reflecting the community’s awareness and engagement in the initiative.

Residents are encouraged to voice their support and request TSU presence in their neighborhoods by leaving comments below. For the latest updates and information on where the TSU will be patrolling next, please visit the Ramapo Police Department’s Facebook Page.

The TSU remains committed to ensuring the safety of Ramapo’s roadways and will continue its efforts to combat aggressive driving behaviors.

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  1. Bravo! About time this problem was solved! Cars don’t stop for stop signs and really go through red lights in monsey!!!! We need to drive more carefully


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