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Ramapo Police Department Welcomes Two New Dispatchers

The Ramapo Police Department proudly introduced two new Police Dispatchers to its ranks on Tuesday. Dispatcher Vanessa Mirch and Dispatcher Erin Weidel have officially joined the team and are set to undertake comprehensive training at the Emergency Communications Center. Their roles will encompass handling both emergency and non-emergency calls, ensuring swift and efficient responses to all community needs.

The intensive training program is designed to equip Dispatchers Mirch and Weidel with the necessary skills to dispatch appropriate emergency personnel and equipment promptly when required. This rigorous preparation ensures that they are prepared to respond effectively to a wide range of situations.

A photograph capturing this significant moment in their careers was shared by the Ramapo Police Department. Pictured from left to right are Sgt. Sanchez, who oversees the Communications Center, Dispatcher Mirch, Dispatcher Weidel, and Dispatcher Stevens. Dispatcher Stevens, recognized as one of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) certified Center Training Officers, will play a vital role in training Dispatchers Mirch and Weidel.

The Ramapo Police Department extends their heartfelt best wishes to the newly appointed Dispatchers as they embark on this exciting journey in their careers. The entire community welcomes them with open arms to the Ramapo Police Department, where they will undoubtedly make valuable contributions. Congratulations and welcome to RPD!

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