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Ramapo Police Department Celebrates 93rd Birthday with Historic Glimpse into Its Founding

As the Ramapo Police Department marks its 93rd anniversary, it not only celebrates nearly a century of service but also shares a significant piece of its history. The department posted a photo of the first Town Council meeting minutes from April 15, 1931, which documented the establishment of the police force and outlined the town’s governance structure at that time.

The historic meeting, held in the Town Clerk’s office in Suffern, was attended by Supervisor Jamen J. Brown, Justices of the Peace Jacob G. Hall, Charles T. Allen, Pineus Margulien, and Millard A. Hallett, along with Town Clerk Grace A. Ronk. The minutes record crucial decisions, including the approval of Mr. Oliver Seeley’s application for a police officer position and the appointment of Abe Stern as the first Chief of Police with a salary of $2,400 per year.

Additionally, John Von Chinen, Oliver Seeley, Fritz Trojan, and George W. Connolly were appointed as reserve police officers, signaling the operational beginnings of the department. Their compensation was set at 75 cents per hour, emphasizing the nascent stage of community policing.

As Ramapo continues to grow, the reflection on its origins through such historical artifacts strengthens the bond between the police force and the residents it serves, celebrating a legacy of dedication and service on this special anniversary.


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