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Ramapo Police Department Achieves Reaccreditation from New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Council

The Town of Ramapo Police Department announced that the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Council, administered by the Division of Criminal Justice Services Office of Public Safety, has approved the agency’s application for reaccreditation.

First accredited in June 2004, the Ramapo Police Department has maintained this status continuously. To achieve and retain accreditation, the department must meet or exceed 111 administrative, training, and operational standards and prove compliance with these standards annually. Every five years, a team of law enforcement practitioners conducts a comprehensive on-site review of the agency. This three-day review independently confirms that the department’s policies and practices align with the professional standards set by the NYSLE Accreditation Council. Benefits include reduced vulnerability to civil suits, lowered risk of costly settlements, enhanced understanding of policies and procedures by agency personnel, increased administrative and operational effectiveness, and greater public confidence in the agency.

In 2022, Ramapo Police Chief Reilly appointed Sgt. Andres Sanchez as the Accreditation Program Manager and Sgt. Sean Lee as the Assistant Accreditation Program Manager. Since their appointments, Sergeants Sanchez and Lee have worked tirelessly to ensure that the agency and its members continue to meet all the Accreditation program’s standards. Their efforts were pivotal in preparing the department for the onsite assessment conducted in April of this year.

At last week’s ceremony, Sgt. Sanchez was honored with a certificate in recognition of his role as the RPD Accreditation Program Manager and his coordination of the agency’s ongoing compliance and recent on-site assessment by the NYSLE Accreditation Assessment team. The Ramapo Police Department extends its gratitude to Sgt. Sanchez and Sgt. Lee for their dedication and hard work throughout this process.

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