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Ramapo Police Arrest Erratic Driver for Hit-and-Run and Theft at Auto Center

A series of bizarre incidents unfolded Tuesday as Ramapo Police dealt with an erratic driver involved in two separate episodes, beginning with a police chase in the morning and ending with a theft and crash near the Ramapo Police Department.

Early Tuesday morning, at around 9 a.m., Ramapo Police received reports of an erratic driver on Spook Rock Road. Responding units attempted to pull over the vehicle, leading to a brief pursuit before the driver pulled over. The driver justified his erratic driving by claiming his car required mechanical repairs.

Following the encounter with law enforcement, the individual took his vehicle to Tallman Auto Center on Route 59 for servicing. However, the situation took a turn for the worse later in the afternoon, around noon. After his car had been serviced, the man attempted to flee the auto center without settling his repair bill.

The theft attempt quickly escalated into a hazardous situation as the driver, in his bid to escape, crashed into at least two other vehicles on the road. The chaos concluded a short distance from the Ramapo Police Department, where officers arrested the individual following the destructive escape attempt.

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