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Ramapo Launches Proactive Community Safety Initiative

The Town of Ramapo Office of Emergency Preparedness and the Ramapo Police Department have unveiled a proactive safety initiative aimed at enhancing community awareness on various daily safety concerns. This effort, launched today, saw members of the police department and emergency preparedness team engaging directly with residents to disseminate important safety information and materials.

Key topics addressed during this outreach included heat safety, car seat safety, reflector safety, bike and helmet safety, pool and swimming safety, and school bus safety. Officers from the Traffic Division, Community Policing Unit, as well as regular patrol joined Supervisor Michael Specht and Office of Emergency Preparedness officials Joshua Hans and Joseph Margaretten at Evergreen Supermarket Plaza to hand out reflectors and educational materials.

The initiative’s primary goal is to ensure that safety information is readily available to the community. This includes distributing written materials and safety items in person and promoting safety awareness online through advertisements and word of mouth. By taking these proactive steps, the Town of Ramapo aims to foster a safer environment for all its residents.

Supervisor Specht emphasized the importance of such initiatives, telling Monsey Scoop, “Our goal is to reach as many residents as possible with crucial safety information that can prevent accidents and save lives. By being proactive, we hope to make a significant impact on community safety.”

Ramapo Police Chief Dan Hyman added, “Community safety is our top priority, and these initiatives allow us to connect directly with residents to provide information that can help keep everyone safe. We appreciate the community’s support in these efforts,” he told Monsey Scoop.

Ramapo Office of Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Joshua Hans told Monsey Scoop, “Ensuring the safety of our residents requires a collaborative approach. By working together and sharing essential safety tips, we can create a safer environment for all. We’re committed to continuing these efforts and adapting our strategies to meet the evolving needs of our community.”

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