Ramapo Begins Inspecting And Stickering Taxis Under New Regulations [PHOTOS]

Ramapo has begun inspecting and stickering the first taxis that are in compliance with the new regulations rolled out last month.

The new rules require drivers to be screened by the Town of Ramapo and undergo a background check. They also require all cabs within the Town of Ramapo to be registered with the town, and prohibits the vehicles from having tinted windows – a major concern among taxi patrons.

Additionally, every cab to have a town-provided sticker on its exterior identifying it as a taxi vehicle, which will demonstrate that it is approved by the town to be operating and picking up passengers.

Officials tell Monsey Scoop that inspections and authorizations of taxi vehicle will be completed by early 2024, and taxi vehicle that is still not stickered by that time will begin receiving fines from Ramapo.

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