Rachmistrivka Spring Valley Shul to Expand Due to Kehila Growth

The Rachmistrivka Kehila in Spring Valley is planning to expand its shul to accommodate the growing number of mispalelim. With the current Beis Hamedrish unable to hold the increasing attendance on Shabbos and Yom Tov, Kehila leaders are collaborating with engineers to develop a new, larger Beis HaMedrish. In the meantime, a temporary expansion on the east side is being considered, despite potential challenges including that there was a fruit tree at that place the Ravhmistrivka Rebbe is consulting with other Rabbonim for guidance.

Additionally, the Kehila is addressing parking issues that have arisen with the growth, seeking solutions to alleviate congestion and improve neighborhood relations. Feedback and suggestions from neighbors are welcomed. For more information or to share suggestions, please contact the Kehila Leaders at 17warrenct@gmail.com or call 347-433-5098.

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