Pomona Hosts Appreciation Event for Tzedek Association Supporters, Featuring NJ Senator Cory Booker

Pomona Askan Shimmy Galandauer opened his home this past Sunday to host an event honoring a dedicated group of supporters of the Tzedek Association. The gathering welcomed a distinguished guest, Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey, who delivered a compelling speech alongside other notable speakers.

The event, organized by Pomona Askan Shimmy Galandauer, aimed to express appreciation for the unwavering support extended to the Tzedek Association, a prominent advocate for justice and reform. Among the distinguished guests in attendance, Senator Cory Booker, renowned for his extensive involvement in politics and advocacy, stood out as a prominent figure.

Senator Booker, a longtime ally of the Jewish community, took the opportunity to emphasize his enduring partnership with Rabbi Moshe Margaretten and the Tzedek Association. He recalled their collaboration dating back to the First Step Act and shared insights into their ongoing initiatives. Notably, Senator Booker recounted his visit to EY, during which the October 7th attack occurred, underlining the significance of his connection to the community.

During the event, various speakers addressed the gathering, sharing their thoughts and insights. Reb Moshe Margaretten Founder of Tzedek Association, Reb Izzy Spitzer, the Mayor of New Square, and the guest speaker, Reb Yossi Bensoussan, took the stage to engage the audience.

One of the highlights of the evening was Senator Booker’s remarks on his appreciation for Tzedek’s tireless efforts in the realm of criminal justice. Given his position on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senator stressed his strong support for their initiatives. In particular, he highlighted Tzedek’s vital role in opposing a Congressional resolution that sought to return individuals previously placed on home confinement under the CARES Act back to prison. These individuals, who have spent months and even years rebuilding their lives, maintaining family connections, pursuing education, and securing employment, were deemed nonviolent and safe members of society. Returning them to prison, the Senator argued, would not serve the best interests of society and would only harm families.

The Tzedek Association has been actively collaborating with multiple members of Congress to combat this resolution, and they celebrated a significant victory when the White House issued a statement expressing the President’s intention to veto the resolution if it were to pass Congress. This development was seen as a powerful message to Congress regarding the urgency of addressing more pressing matters.

The President’s official statement on the matter can be found here.

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