POMONA: Hi-Tor Animal Care Center Temporarily Closes Due to Contagious Animal Disease Outbreak

The Hi-Tor Animal Care Center made an announcement on Friday, stating that it will temporarily close its doors until further notice. This closure is due to the need to address the spread of a contagious animal-only disease known as “distemper.” The center has taken this measure to ensure they follow the best practices to combat the disease’s transmission.

Authorities at the shelter have clarified that the outbreak poses a particular risk to young kittens who have not yet received their vaccinations. The disease appears to have originated when a litter of sick kittens was brought into the facility.

In order to safeguard the health of the animals and prevent further transmission, the shelter, located in Pomona, aims to reopen for surrenders and adoptions on July 29. During the closure, the staff will focus on treating the affected animals until it is safe to resume normal operations.

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