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POMONA HEIGHTS: Early Morning Blaze Destroys Shul “Chassidim At 110” {PHOTOS & VIDEOS}

Early Wednesday morning, a massive fire obliterated the Chassidim at 110 Shul located at the corner of North Ridge Road and Overlook Road in Pomona Heights. The fire, which ignited around 5:45 AM, reportedly began due to a propane tank explosion and rapidly consumed the entire building.

Fortunately, the shul was unoccupied at the time of the blaze, preventing any injuries. The structure, which previously housed the late Dr. Reb Zev Zelenko Z”L, later sold to the Shul Chasidim at 110 Overlook Drive before they relocated to 34 North Ridge Road.

Despite the quick spread of the flames, emergency response teams were unable to retrieve the Sifrei Torah in time. The Sifrei Torah were, however, stored in a fully fireproof safe, which is believed to have withstood the fire unscathed.

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