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Piermont Faces Severe Tidal Flooding, Worst Since Hurricane Sandy

In the wake of Friday night’s storm, the Village of Piermont is grappling with severe tidal flooding, exacerbated by runoff from heavy rains on already saturated grounds.

Former State Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick, in a statement on Saturday morning, highlighted the gravity of the situation after discussions with Village Trustee and Piermont Fire Department member Nate Mitchell and former Piermont Fire Department Chief Dan Goswick. The trio confirmed that this is the most devastating flooding event the village has faced since the infamous Hurricane Sandy.

In the face of this natural disaster, Former Sen. Reichlin-Melnick expressed optimism about the village’s ability to utilize funds from the Environmental Bond Act, passed in 2022. He also pledged to advocate for additional state funding to support Piermont and other communities repeatedly affected by flooding.

As the situation unfolds, the entire Village of Piermont is submerged under three feet of floodwater, with even higher levels reported in the southern parts of the village. Members of the fire department are actively engaged in conducting water rescues and ensuring the safety of the residents. Authorities urge citizens to stay indoors and contact emergency services via 911 if they require assistance.

The community is reminded of the critical safety message: “Turn around, don’t drown,” emphasizing the dangers of attempting to traverse floodwaters. The situation in Piermont remains critical, and efforts are ongoing to provide relief and safety to its residents.

Piermont Village Trustee Nathan Mitchell speaks with former Sen. Elijah Reichlin-Melnick in front of one of the many flooded sections of the village on Saturday morning

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