PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Rachmistrivka Rebbe Shlita Of Boro Park Visits Monsey On Thursday

The Rachmistrivka Rebbe Shlita from Boro Park visited Monsey on Thursday. Among the highlights of his visit was at the Tzion of his late grandfather, the Skverer Rebbe, ZT”L.

During his visit, the Rebbe met with the Skverer Rebbe Shlita, the Viznitzer Rebbe Shlita, and the Barnever Rebbe Shlita.

The Rebbe also attended the Kevuas Mezuzah at the new Rachmistrivka Kollel/Shul on Blauvelt Road.

Furthermore, a special Kevuas Mezuzah was conducted for US Tiles, a business owned by Rachmistrivker Askan Shaya Lebowitz and efficiently managed by Kalmy Engelberg, located in Nanuet.


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