PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Chaverim Of Rockland Holds Annual Bike Registration / Carnival In Attendance Of 1000’s Of Monsey Children

It was a day filled with excitement and community spirit as Chaverim of Rockland hosted its highly anticipated Annual Bike Registration/Carnival event on Sunday. The event, which drew the attendance of thousands of Monsey children, was a resounding success, bringing together families, neighbors, and law enforcement for a day of fun and entertainment.

The Annual Bike Registration/Carnival took place at a Viola Park, which was transformed into a vibrant carnival atmosphere. Colorful tents, an amazing bike show, exciting rides, and cheerful music filled the air, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Families and children eagerly made their way to the park, excited to participate in the day’s festivities.

One of the highlights of the event was the bike registration, where Chaverim volunteers provided a valuable service to the community. Children lined up with their bicycles, ready to have their bikes registered and receive official identification tags. This initiative aimed to promote bicycle safety and help prevent bike theft by providing a means of identification for each registered bike. Parents and children alike appreciated this important service, ensuring that their bikes would be easily traceable if lost or stolen. spoke to Town Of Ramapo Supervisor Michael Specht, who said the following: “I had a great time attending Chaverim’s Kids Safety Day yesterday. The Town of Ramapo is, as always, a proud partner with Chaverim as they continue their mission of keeping our Ramapo families safe. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks to Chaverim and all its members!”

“The Annual Bike Registration/Carnival is an event we look forward to every year,” said David Stein, a parent attending the event with his two children. “It’s a fantastic way to bring the community together and teach our children about bike safety while having a blast. Kudos to Chaverim of Rockland for organizing such a wonderful event.”

The success of the Annual Bike Registration/Carnival was a result of the dedication and hard work of the Chaverim volunteers, who tirelessly worked to ensure that the event ran smoothly. Their commitment to the community and their efforts in organizing this event did not go unnoticed, as families expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to come together and celebrate.

Chaverim of Rockland’s Annual Bike Registration/Carnival served as a reminder of the power of community and the importance of fostering strong bonds among neighbors. Through events like this, organizations like Chaverim of Rockland continue to make a positive impact on the lives of community members, instilling a sense of unity and safety among Monsey’s children.

As the sun set on the day’s festivities, laughter and memories lingered in the air. Families left the park with a renewed sense of connection and gratitude, eagerly awaiting next year’s event.


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