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PHOTOS & VIDEO: Senator Bill Weber Highlights Diversity with Rabbi Dovid Bartfeld’s Invocation in the New York State Senate

Senator Bill Weber, a dedicated representative of Rockland County, proudly extended an invitation to Rabbi Dovid Bartfeld of Khal Mevakshei Hashem in Haverstraw to deliver a remarkable invocation before the esteemed New York State Senate Session. This special occasion showcased the Senator’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and representing the diverse communities within his jurisdiction.

Rabbi Bartfeld, originally from Mexico, delivered an invocation that bridged languages and cultures, captivating the audience with several Hispanic legislators present. With eloquence and grace, he said his message in English, Hebrew and Spanish, showcasing the strength of unity in diversity.

Rabbi Barteld said in his remarks, “The Torah teaches in Deuteronomy Chapter 16, (verse 20), “Tzedek, Tzedek Tirdof (Justice, justice you shall pursue). These words remind us of our profound responsibility to advocate for the marginalized, the oppressed, and the voiceless. It is a reminder that we must work tirelessly to create a society that embraces the beautiful tapestry of diversity and respects the inherent value of every individual.”

Before the New York State Senate Sessions, the invocations provide Senators a valuable platform to introduce esteemed leaders from their respective communities to their colleagues. Senator Weber’s Communications Director, Mort Becker, acknowledged the significance of this event, noting, “In the past five months alone, we have witnessed more Rabbonim from Monsey and the surrounding communities delivering invocations than in the preceding decade under two prior Senators.” This remarkable increase highlights Senator Weber’s commitment to amplifying diverse voices and ensuring fair representation for all.

Expressing his gratitude, Senator Bill Weber of the 38th Senate District remarked, “It was an absolute privilege to host Rabbi Bartfeld in Albany. Rockland County is renowned for its rich diversity, and I am honored to invite clergy members from throughout the 38th Senate district to deliver invocations. The presence of Rabbi Bartfeld only further strengthens the sense of unity and inclusivity within our community.”

Senator Weber’s colleague, Senator Borrello, commended his efforts, stating, “Senator Weber brings the best guests to Albany.”

This event serves as a testament to Senator Bill Weber’s unwavering commitment to promoting inclusivity, representing diverse communities, and ensuring that the voices of ALL his constituents are heard within the New York State Senate.

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