OVER 400 EMERGENCY CALLS ANSWERED: Chaverim of Rockland Springs into Action Amidst Recent Storm

Chaverim of Rockland stepped up to the plate, responding to an overwhelming 400+ emergency calls during the recent severe storm that battered the Rockland County region. As relentless rain, flooding and winds wreaked havoc on Rockland County from Sunday night into Monday, Chaverim of Rockland swiftly sprung into action to aid those in dire need.

The situation escalated quickly as the storm unleashed its fury, with dozens of individuals finding themselves trapped in vehicles submerged in rising waters. Moreover, Yeshiva Shaarei Arazim faced an urgent evacuation due to flooding concerns.

Chaverim’s dedicated team harnessed the power of their specialized RESCUE 1 Jeep vehicle to navigate the treacherous waters, rescuing stranded motorists and ensuring the safety of the yeshiva’s students.

Chaverim volunteers demonstrated their unwavering commitment as they ventured into flooded neighborhoods, reaching out to homes inundated by up to 5 feet of water. Employing powerful pumps, they tirelessly worked to clear out the waterlogged residences, allowing affected families to begin the challenging process of recovery.

The storm-induced blackouts added another layer of complexity to the crisis. Recognizing the urgency, Chaverim stepped in, distributing generators to over a dozen individuals who relied on home-based respirators to breathe. With power outages plaguing the area, these generators became lifelines, ensuring the continued health and safety of those in need.

In addition to these heroic efforts, Chaverim members combed through neighborhoods on Sunday night, securing downed power lines that posed a serious threat to pedestrians. Their swift actions ensured that streets were safe for the community’s early morning “minyanim,” despite the ongoing challenges.

As of Monday evening, Chaverim continued to receive a steady stream of calls from residents seeking assistance, demonstrating their unwavering dedication to the community’s well-being. Despite the devastation and chaos caused by the storm, it was a relief that no serious injuries were reported, thanks in no small part to the heroic work of Chaverim of Rockland.

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