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Orthodox Jewish NYPD Officer and Monsey Resident Yehuda (Leiby) Sicherman Promoted to Sergeant

In a ceremony held at the police academy in Queens on Thursday morning, the NYPD celebrated the promotion of several officers, among them was Yehuda (Leiby) Sicherman, a dedicated officer recognized for his exemplary service and bravery. Sicherman, who lives in Monsey and is a proud member of the Orthodox Jewish community, has been elevated to the rank of Sergeant in recognition of his outstanding contributions to public safety and the community.

Sergeant Sicherman has previously made headlines for his heroic actions, notably an incident covered by Monsey Scoop in September. As a trained paramedic and registered nurse, Sicherman’s swift and decisive response to a marine vessel explosion on City Island showcased his exceptional skills and dedication. His quick thinking and medical expertise were crucial in saving a man’s life, applying a tourniquet to stop severe bleeding and securing the victim’s survival until further medical help could arrive.

This promotion not only celebrates Sergeant Sicherman’s commitment to his role but also highlights the diverse talents and backgrounds that enrich the NYPD.

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