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Orthodox Jewish Community Rallies in Support of Congressman Mike Lawler at Fundraising Event {PHOTOS & VIDEOS}

Community members, local elected officials, and leaders gathered on Monday night at The Ateres Yechiel Bobov Hall on Viola Road for a fundraising event in support of Congressman Mike Lawler. The event drew a diverse crowd, all united in their support for Congressman Lawler’s re-election bid in the upcoming November elections against former Congressman Mondaire Jones.

Lawler, known for his strong alliance and support for the Jewish community in Rockland and across the globe, was the center of attention as attendees expressed their appreciation for his efforts and achievements. The evening was filled with networking, and discussions, highlighting Lawler’s contributions and the importance of continuing his work in Congress.

Residents in attendance also voiced their personnel support, sharing stories of how Lawler’s initiatives have positively affected their lives and communities. The event not only served as a platform for fundraising but also as a testament to the strong community backing Lawler enjoys.

As the evening concluded, the message was clear: the community stands firmly behind Congressman Mike Lawler, confident in his leadership and hopeful for his success in defeating former Congressman Mondaire Jones in the November elections.

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