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Orangetown Fire Departments Collaborate to Enhance Emergency Response Times

The Orangeburg Volunteer Fire Department and Sparkill-Palisades Fire Department have launched a joint duty crew initiative aimed at improving response times to fire emergencies in Orangetown. This pilot program, which started this morning, is a collaborative effort to better serve the residents by ensuring quicker deployment of fire apparatus in both fire districts.

By pooling resources and personnel, the new duty crew program seeks to provide a more efficient and effective response to emergencies, potentially saving lives and property. “This initiative allows us to significantly enhance our service to the community by reducing response times,” said a representative from the Orangeburg Volunteer Fire Department.

The program represents a forward-thinking approach to volunteer fire services, with officials optimistic about its potential to become a permanent solution for rapid emergency response in Orangetown. The success of this pilot will determine its future implementation, as both departments are committed to improving safety and service for their community.

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