NY Senator Weber Hosts Yeshiva Executive Director Menny Schwab for Invocation at State Senate Session in Albany

On Tuesday, Menny Schwab, the esteemed Executive Director of Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch and Director of Camp Fun, was honored as the guest of Senator Bill Weber at the New York State Senate in Albany. During his visit, Schwab delivered a poignant invocation, touching on themes of gratitude, history, and prayer.

With his father, a German immigrant who arrived in the United States nearly 90 years ago, in attendance, Schwab expressed deep appreciation for the opportunities America has provided to immigrants like his family. He commended Senator Weber and other public servants for their dedication to the welfare of their constituents in Rockland County and beyond.

Reflecting on the legacy of his grandfather, the grand rabbi of German Jewry in Washington Heights, Schwab recounted a historic moment from 1948. His grandfather had met President Truman at Pennsylvania Station, acknowledging Truman’s role in ending World War II and the Holocaust. This act of recognition was highlighted with a traditional blessing, praising Hashem for bestowing honor upon mankind.

Fast forward 75 years, Schwab stood in the Senate, reiterating these sentiments with humility and pride. He extended his gratitude to all present for their past and future contributions to the nation and state.

Schwab also shared a personal memory from 44 years ago when his father taught him a special prayer for the American government, to be recited every Shabbos. Emphasizing the importance of this tradition, he invited his father and sons to join him at the podium, symbolizing three generations united in prayer for the United States and its leaders.

The invocation concluded with a powerful prayer for the welfare of the nation, its leaders, and all those serving the country. Schwab called for divine protection and guidance for government officials, echoing the sentiment of mercy and peace for all humanity.

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