NEXT LEVEL CHESED: 15-Year-Old Launches “Yedidim of Rockland” Bike Repair Team

A 15-year-old boy in Rockland County, has founded an incredible organization. “Yedidim of Rockland”, Nechemia Erps, has unveiled a new initiative that aims to enhance community support and bring smiles to the faces of cycling enthusiasts. The launch of the “Bike Repair Team” promises to revolutionize the local biking scene by providing expert repair services to those needing help.

Nechemia is no stranger to Chesed, as he grew up in the home of his father, Reb Shaya Erps, the esteemed founder of Rockland Chaveirim.

The need for reliable and affordable bike repair services has grown exponentially, and recognizing this demand, the Yedidim of Rockland have assembled a talented team of teen bike repair experts who are eager to offer their skills and expertise to the community.

Whether it’s a flat tire, faulty brakes, or any other mechanical issue, the team is ready to provide quick and efficient repairs, ensuring that local cyclists can hit the road again with peace of mind. They understand that not everyone can afford expensive repairs or purchase new bikes, and their services are designed to bridge that gap.

The volunteers, all in their teens, have weekly meetings where they practice and train on fixing bikes.

The launch of the Yedidim Bike Repair Team has already generated excitement and appreciation within the Rockland community, with their hotline already receiving around 50 calls a week.

To reach the Yedidim Bike Repair Team, please call 845-540-3766.

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