New York Congressional Redistricting Preserves 17th District, Highlights Bipartisan Efforts

The finalized map for the state’s congressional districts, particularly the 17th District, stands as a testament to bipartisan cooperation and restraint from partisan manipulation. The map’s approval marks a pivotal moment, ensuring fair and competitive districts across the state, a move celebrated by Congressman Mike Lawler.

Congressman Lawler, representing New York’s 17th District, expressed his satisfaction with the process and outcome in a post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “I was glad to see both the Senate and Assembly exhibit restraint when it came to their final map,” Lawler shared. He highlighted the challenges faced during the redistricting process, noting, “While there were numerous attempts throughout this process to engage in a partisan gerrymander, the final map largely abides by the New York Independent Redistricting Commission’s bipartisan version and ensures fair, competitive districts across the state.”

The bipartisan approval of the map is seen as a significant victory against partisan gerrymandering, promoting a more equitable political landscape in New York. “Today’s bipartisan vote is a win for the voters and a win against partisan gerrymandering. Now it’s on to November,” Lawler added, emphasizing the importance of the decision for the upcoming elections.

The preservation of the 17th District as recommended by the Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC) was secured through the decisive affirmative vote of Senator Bill Weber. His support for the IRC’s map, particularly for the 17th Congressional District, was reiterated on Monday, February 26th, before casting his final vote in favor of the map.

Senator Weber expressed his enthusiasm for Congressman Lawler’s ongoing leadership and representation of Rockland County and the broader 17th Congressional District. “I eagerly anticipate Congressman Lawler’s continued representation of Rockland County and the rest of the 17th Congressional District for many years to come. I look forward to being elected again with him this November,” Weber stated, underscoring the mutual support and anticipation for their collective future in serving the district.


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