NEW: Town of Ramapo Announces New Sidewalks On Carlton Road Where Woman Was Killed

The Town of Ramapo took a significant stride towards enhancing pedestrian safety as Supervisor Michel Spect and Superintendent of Highways Fred Brinn unveiled plans for a new sidewalks on Carlton Road, stretching from Collage Road up to Pine Road. The project involves cutting off 10 feet of the curb line to provide a dedicated space for pedestrians, ensuring their safety while traversing the town. This is the location where Mrs Miriam Sussman A”H was struck and killed by a vehicle, in November of 2022.

This announcement marks just one of several major projects currently underway in Ramapo aimed at transforming the town into a more pedestrian-friendly community. Notable accomplishments include the recent completion of new sidewalks on Elaine Place, while the construction of sidewalks on Francis Place is already underway. In addition, plans are in place to install sidewalks on Howard Drive from Milton Place to Maple Ave and a couple of blocks on Collage Road has recently seen the installation of new pedestrian walkways. These endeavors collectively serve the purpose of making Ramapo a safer place for residents to walk and explore their neighborhood.

To further bolster safety measures, the town administration is currently in the process of installing 1,500 new street lights throughout Ramapo. These illuminations will not only enhance visibility for pedestrians but also contribute to a safer environment for motorists.

Supervisor Spect and Superintendent Brinn also took the opportunity to remind residents about the importance of taking personal safety precautions. Reflectors, essential for enhancing visibility during low-light conditions, are available for collection at Ramapo’s Town Hall. Officials strongly encourage all residents to wear these reflectors to ensure they are easily seen by drivers. Furthermore, the town administration emphasizes the significance of wearing a helmet while riding bicycles or scooters, promoting responsible and safe practices for all individuals who utilize these modes of transportation.

The proactive initiatives undertaken by the Town of Ramapo demonstrate its commitment to prioritizing pedestrian safety. By implementing new walking paths, sidewalks, street lights, and advocating for personal safety gear, the town authorities strive to create a secure and pedestrian-friendly environment for residents and visitors alike.

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