New Square Ershte Hilf Receive Active Shooter Training from Ramapo Police {PHOTOS}

In a proactive move to enhance community safety, over twenty-five members of New Square Ershte Hilf (NSES) participated in an intensive active shooter training workshop. The training, meticulously organized by the Ramapo Police Department, provided these first responders with crucial skills to manage potentially life-threatening situations.

The session commenced with an informative PowerPoint presentation, meticulously designed to walk the participants through the dynamics of active shooting incidents. Attendees were educated on the importance of quick response and the dire consequences of uncontrolled bleeding in such emergencies.

Following the theoretical component, members engaged in hands-on training. They were instructed in advanced techniques to stop bleeding, a vital measure that can significantly increase survival rates in the critical moments before professional medical help arrives.

This initiative is part of a larger effort to bolster the readiness of local emergency response teams. The NSES members, now equipped with this specialized training, stand better prepared to protect and serve their community in the event of such critical incidents.

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