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New Square Couple En Route to Westchester Medical Center Survives Fiery Incident

A New Square couple traveling from Monsey to Westchester Medical Center on Sunday experienced a heart-stopping moment just after crossing the Tappan Zee Bridge. Their journey to the hospital took an unexpected turn when a deer suddenly appeared, resulting in a head-on collision.

Seconds after the impact, smoke began billowing from the vehicle, prompting the couple to make a hasty exit. They remained at a safe distance, anxiously waiting for emergency services to reach the scene.

Firefighters arrived promptly, battling the flames that had now fully consumed the car. Once the fire was under control, the couple was transported by ambulance to Westchester Medical Center. In a joyous turn of events, they soon welcomed a healthy newborn.

Subsequently, when the vehicle was retrieved by a mechanic, a search was conducted for any remaining valuables. The devastation was apparent: most items had been consumed by either the fire or the subsequent water damage. However, amidst the charred remnants, the guy’s tefillin was miraculously found, largely intact.

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