New Mikvah Nears Completion at the Skverer Beis HaMedrish in New Square

Although construction of the colossal Skverer Beis HaMedrish remains ongoing, there’s a shimmering ray of hope in its basement. A spacious new mikvah, a place of spiritual purification, is nearing its finishing touches and is set to open just in time for Rosh Hashanah.

This new mikvah stands as an epitome of beauty and grandeur, equipped with several large Boires for tevillah, aiming to accommodate the influx of thousands of Chassidim who are anticipated to be in New Square for Yom Tov.

In a poignant moment late last night, just after 2:00am, the Skverer Rebbe Shlita paid a visit to the mikvah. He not only came to witness the realization of his vision but also took the auspicious step of being the first to immerse himself. This act of spiritual significance not only marked the inauguration of the mikvah in honor of Yom Tov but also brought immense joy to Skverer Chassidim globally.


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