NEW: Kashrus Initiative Launched by Rabbonim To Ensure Highest Standard At Local Establishments

The Rabbonim of Monsey unveiled a pioneering initiative this week known as the Rockland Kashrus Oversight Committee (R.K.O.C.), which aims to provide Monsey consumers with comprehensive and current information regarding the kashrus of the foods they consume.

The announcement, made jointly by the Rabbonim of Greater Monsey, in collaboration with the Rabbonim responsible for certifying local establishments, marks a pivotal moment in ensuring the highest standards of kashrus in Rockland County.

The R.K.O.C. has been established with the primary objective of supporting and empowering local hechshairim to maintain their high standards and to deter the establishment of certifying agencies that do not meet our communities stringent criteria,” a press release from the R.K.O.C. reads.

The committee stressed that it does not assume complete responsibility for the kashrus of any specific establishment within its purview. Instead, its role is to ensure that kitchen protocols are in place to facilitate the work of the hechshairim in upholding kosher standards.

“Our oversight encompasses a range of critical aspects, including but not limited to, bishul akum, inspection of vegetables, separation of challah, and the maintenance of parave, dairy, and meat separation,” the committee explained.

The R.K.O.C., led by esteemed Rabbonim Rav Chaim Shraga Feivel Schneelbag, Rav Bezalel Tovia Wetenstein, and Rav Tzvi Moshe Langner, has garnered widespread support from prominent Monsey Rabbonim.

In its inaugural announcement, the committee unveiled a comprehensive list of Monsey food establishments, organized according to their respective Rav Hamachshir. While each certification has its unique standards, these establishments were confirmed to meet the fundamental kashrus criteria under their respective hechsher.

The R.K.O.C. also reached out to the community, urging them to actively participate in strengthening this kashrus initiative for the greater Monsey community. They encouraged community members to support the approved establishments listed by the vaad, thus elevating the overall kashrus standards for the entire community.

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