NEW: Kaser Village Launches Passport Service After 12-Year Effort; Involvement of Congressman Mike Lawler Key to Success

In a significant development for local residents, the Village of Kaser has announced the introduction of a new passport application service at the Kaser Village Hall. This service, starting soon, comes as a relief to families across Ramapo and surrounding areas who previously had to travel to distant locations for passport processing, with the post office option often deemed unreliable and inconvenient.

The journey to this milestone began in 2008, with the Village of Kaser persistently pursuing approval for over 12 years. The breakthrough occurred with the involvement of Congressman Mike Lawler along with his District Leader Rafi Silberberg in January this year, leading to the final approval being granted on Thursday, November 10th. The Village Hall staff is currently undergoing training and setting up the necessary facilities to start processing applications.

This local service aligns with the processing times of the State Department, offering standard processing within 7-10 weeks. For those needing quicker service, an expedited option is available for an additional fee of $60.00, reducing the processing time to 3-5 weeks.

The introduction of this local service is seen as a significant convenience for residents, reducing the need for emergency same-day appointments at distant passport offices in Manhattan or Connecticut since an appointment in Kaser Village Hall would be much less of a hassle. The Kaser Village’s initiative is a step towards simplifying essential government services for its citizens, reflecting a commitment to community convenience and efficiency.

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