New Four-Way Stop Improves Safety at Airmont Intersection

In a move to enhance road safety, a new four-way stop sign has been placed at a busy local intersection. Starting this past Friday, motorists encountered stop signs at all corners of the intersection of Christmas Hill Road and New County Road in the Village of Airmont.

This change reflects the community’s commitment to ensuring safer travel for drivers and pedestrians alike. Residents are urged to exercise caution and adhere to the new traffic control measures by coming to a complete stop at the newly installed signs.

The implementation of this four-way stop has been supported and facilitated by local government representatives. Airmont Trustees, along with Rockland County Legislators Aron Wieder and Joel Friedman, have been instrumental in bringing about this positive change for the community.

The Ramapo Police Department thanks the public for their cooperation and reminds everyone to remain vigilant and proactive in following traffic regulations. This collaborative effort is a stride toward minimizing accidents and improving the overall safety of our streets.

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