New Fire Operations Building Set for Construction in Rockland County

Rockland County Executive, Ed Day, in collaboration with Purchasing Director, Paul Brennan, and Fire & Emergency Services Director, Chris Kear, has greenlit the commencement of the contract process for the construction of the new Fire Operations building. The announcement came after confirming the completion of the foundation phase.

In related news, the county has secured a substantial $131,000 grant, earmarked for the significant enhancement of Rockland County’s multi-jurisdictional all-hazard mitigation plan. This grant is aimed at bolstering the county’s preparation and response mechanisms to potential threats, ensuring a safer environment for its residents.

Local stakeholders have expressed optimism about the initiatives, emphasizing the importance of maintaining modern and efficient emergency services for the welfare and safety of the Rockland community.

Further details about the construction timeline and specifics of the hazard mitigation plan updates are anticipated in the coming weeks.

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