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New Digital Kiosk for Veterans Debuts at Palisades Mall Center

The Palisades Mall Center introduced a state-of-the-art digital kiosk on Wednesday, specifically designed to provide veterans, active service members, and their families with immediate access to information and assistance.

Congressman Mike Lawler was present at the inauguration and played a significant role in the launch. The unveiling of the Veterans Welcome Kiosk was done in collaboration with the New York State Department of Veterans’ Services, highlighting a continued commitment to support the military community.

“This kiosk symbolizes the deep appreciation and respect we have for our service members and their families. It ensures that they have prompt access to vital information and support, reflecting our commitment to their well-being,” Congressman Lawler remarked during the ceremony.

The Palisades Mall Center is among the first to host such a kiosk, and the initiative is expected to be rolled out in more locations across the state, bridging the gap between the military community and the resources they need.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to stop by the new kiosk to familiarize themselves with the services it offers, ensuring that they or someone they know can benefit from it in the future.

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