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NEW: Central UTA of Monsey (Satmar) Installs Bus Patrol Cameras to Ensure School Bus Safety

In  a proactive move to enhance the safety of school children, Central UTA of Monsey (Satmar) has taken a significant step by installing new bus patrol cameras on 26 of its fleet buses. This initiative marks the first private Orthodox Yeshiva in Rockland County to introduce such a safety feature aimed at penalizing vehicles that unlawfully pass school buses with red flashing lights on.

The bus safety operation, spearheaded by Central UTA’s general transportation manager Nachman Leifer, aims to curb reckless driving behaviors around school buses. Monsey Scoop highlighted the collaboration of this program in August 2023 between Rockland County and BusPatrol, a company dedicated to school bus safety.

Rockland County’s partnership with BusPatrol has introduced a violator-funded business model, enabling districts to equip school buses with cameras on the bus stop-arms at no cost. So far, six school districts, including Pearl River, Nanuet, North Rockland, Clarkstown, Suffern, and Nyack, have officially opted into the Rockland County School Bus Safety program.

Drivers caught by these cameras illegally passing activated stop-arms on school buses will face penalties issued by mail. The penalties for violations are as follows: $250 for the first violation, $275 for the second violation, and $300 for the third violation within an 18-month period.

Central UTA’s implementation of bus patrol cameras underscores a commitment to prioritize the safety of students during their daily commute to and from school. This initiative sets a precedent for other educational institutions and districts to adopt similar measures in ensuring the well-being of children on the roads.

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