Neturei Karta And Its Terrorist-Loving Lawyer Files Lawsuit Against Ramapo For Flying Israeli Flag Outside Municipal Building

The Town of Ramapo and Supervisor Michael Specht are being sued by the anti-Jewish Neturei Karta hate group over the flying of the Israeli flag outside town hall.

The plaintiff, Leibish Iliovitz ym”s, is being represented by Stanley Cohen, a lawyer notorious for defending actual terrorists in court, Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law and Hamas leaders, on top of leading an effort to suspend U.S. aid to Israel

He argues in the lawsuit that Ramapo is in violation of laws and multiple individual protections by flying the Israeli flag. It claims that the flag is preventing some radicals from entering the building to obtain government services “lest they pay homage to a symbol that offends core tenets of their faith and community.”

“By flying and continuing to fly the Israeli flag, Defendants threaten, censor, punish, chill and retaliate against Plaintiff’s speech,” the lawsuit claims.

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  1. I also dislike and disagree with this group. I would still refrain from writing ym”s on someone I disagree with,. It doesnt set a high standard.


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