Munkatch Monsey Bochurim Involved In Serious Crash

Two people were seriously injured when the 15-passenger van they were in crashed on the NJ-287 northbound near Riverdale, NJ, late Monday night.

YWN reports that bochurim from the Munkatch Yeshiva in Monsey were returning from an outing at Dorney Waterpark in Allentown, PA, when the driver lost control, resulting in a devastating wreck.

Multiple emergency agencies, including Rockland Hatzolah, responded to the scene and began treating the injured bochurim. Two occupants were seriously hurt, including the driver and one Bochur. They were subsequently taken to Morristown Medical Center, while four were transported by Rockland Hatzolah to Good Samaritan Hospital, and an additional four brought to St. Joseph’s in Paterson.

Chaverim of Rockland deployed to the scene on Tuesday morning, retrieving personal items belonging to the bochurim, including wallets and cellphones.

Please say Tehillim for Chaim Zev ben Bracha Fraida and Aharon Ben Raizel Yehudis.

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  1. Seatbelts must become as mandatory as another other mitzva or Halacha in Shulchan Aruch.

    People have laissez-faire attitude of “ Hashem zol heeten…” aren’t doing hishtadlus.

    Unfortunately in our culture a majority of folks view seatbelt safety and car seats like in the past before advancements were made.

    Let’s not be like the ostrich who buried her head in the sand.


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