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Multiple Car Break-ins Reported in Monsey Over Shabbos

Multiple car break-ins occurred over Shabbos in the Monsey area, prompting urgent calls for community action. Authorities stress the importance of filing a police report for every incident to aid in the investigation.

Residents who discover their vehicles have been broken into are urged to contact the Ramapo Police immediately by calling 911. Additionally, they should report the incident to the Chaverim of Rockland Hotline at 845-371-6333.

The suspect involved in these break-ins has reportedly been active in the Monsey and Spring Valley neighborhoods for the past several weeks. Police emphasize that detailed reports from all affected car owners are crucial to apprehending the perpetrator.

Both the Ramapo Police and Chaverim of Rockland are actively investigating these incidents and working to ensure the safety and security of the community.

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