More Than 300 New Pesach Food Products Hitting The Monsey Shelves This Year

More than 300 new food items will be on grocery shelves this Passover season, according to the annual pre-Passover report of Lubicom. One category that seems to be growing with each passing Passover is the snack aisle. Where once there were virtually no snacks available for Passover, the snack category continues to explode, according to Menachem Lubinsky, founder and producer of Kosherfest for 33 years.

“While there were many concerns about supply in time for Passover, miraculously there were no impediments,” said Lubinsky. He was referring to the many Passover foods produced in Israel, some of which are manufactured in the areas of conflict in the North and South of Israel. A particular focus was on the many wines that are imported from Israel. There was also concern about potential shipping issues due to the war. “It is a testament of the strength of the kosher market that there are so many new foods and wines for Passover this year,” he added. Nearly 40% of an estimated $ 4 billion in kosher sales takes place around Passover time. Passover sales are estimated at $1.75 billion, which includes the lucrative foodservice business.

Amongst the new products to be introduced this year will be many items by Kayco, a major distributor of kosher foods. In general, there will be many new snack items, including.

Genéve -Chocolate Hearts in Dark & White (Dairy), Mini Chocolate Bar in Milk, Dark,  & White sold individually or in a 3 pack, Mini Chocolate Sticks 5 Pack in Box, Milk, Dark  & White  (Kayco)

Geneve- Gianduja Chocolate Cubes- Heaven & Earth-Andean Potato Chips, Taffy Ropes,  Mini Taffy in Strawberry, Raspberry  & Assorted, Hadar Rice Cakes in Unsalted and Himalayan Salt-Hadar- Sea SaltRice Cake Chips- popped not fried, Chocolate Covered Pressed Pretzels, Party Mix (Mix of 3 snacks–Pressed Pretzels, Tortilla Chips and Potato Chips), Honey Pressed Pretzel Multipack, Gluten Free Striped Cookies, Toffees-fruit and sour fruit, Mini Candy Balls in Fruity,  Sour Fruit &  Peppermint,  Fruit Jellies- Berry Berry and Sour Fruit,  Manischewitz– Mezonos Cookies in Brownie, Chocolate Chip  & Vanilla, Tuscanini – Cinnamon Italian Chestnuts, Gefen- Chocolate Almond Butter Cups, Paskesz – Nibz Chocolaty- crunchy snack has a chocolaty crème, Nibz Fudgy- crunchy snack with fudgy crème, Gummy Magic-Mini Jelly Fish, these fish shaped gummies  have all natural colors and contain real fruit juices.

Another category that will have many newbies for Yom Tov is baking including Gefen- Coconut Oil Cooking Spray, Glick’s- Avocado Oil Spray, Genéve- Premium Baking Chocolate, Heaven & Earth- Cassava Flour a grain free flour alternative and Organic Coconut Flour. Heaven and Earth-Organic Coconut Sugar and Organic Coconut Oil, Tonnelli- Avocado Oil, Health Garden– Organic Blue Agave & Raw Agave Low Glycemic sweeteners,

Health Garden– Organic Coconut Sugar

Health Garden- Xylitol All-Natural Sweetener from Birch or other trees, Xylitol Confection Sugar and Organic Sugar

There was a time when there were limited cheese products for Passover, This year there will be some interesting additions. The Cheese Guy – Cranberry Cinnamon Goat Cheese, Cranberry Cheddar Raw Milk, Tilsit, French Brie Double Creme, Gouda (Cholov Yisroel),  Stuzzichine Fresh Mozzarella, Mini Burratine and Burrata. Kayco Chevington-Sliced Cheese in Mild Cheddar, Light Cheddar, Double Gloucester & Smoked Cheddar,  Cheese Blocks in Mild Cheddar, Light Cheddar, Double Gloucester, Smoked Cheddar, Mature Cheddar & Red Leicester.

Other new products include Manischewitz– Gluten Free Matzo Ball Soup, Grape Seed Oil in bottle and as a spray, BeLeaves– Straight Cut French Fries, Mini Broccoli Florets and Riced Broccoli and Cauliflower; Gefen- Roasted Red Pepper Stripes in Brine, Wonton Chips, Panko Crumbs, Mini Mandel Croutons, Heaven & Earth- Organic Coconut Aminos Beetology- Power Beets- a versatile ingredient that can be used in smoothies, baked goods, sauces and even as natural food coloring, Bowery Mehadrin– Lettuce Baby Butter,  Baby Romaine, Crispy Leaf, Spring Mix & Mixed Greens, Tuscanini– Red Wine Vinegar in Red and White, Tomato Juice, Sicilian Sea Salt Flakes, Smoked Salt. Tuscanini- Savory Pepper Jam, Health Garden- Organic Blue Agave Low Glycemic sweeteners, Heinz Ketchup (Non-Kitniot), Heaven and Earth- Grain Free Pasta in Fusilli, Penne, Elbows & Spaghetti,  Grain Free Pasta Fusilli in Penne, Elbows & Spaghetti, The Cheese Guy introduces Fine Pairings -balsamic vinegar 8.45 and 16.9 ounce bottles. Sea Castle- Skinless & Boneless Mackerel Fillets in Pure Olive Oil, Old Williamsburg- Beef Jerky Teriyaki, Smoky Barbeque & Pepper Crusted, Beverages – Heaven & Earth- Strawberry Lemonade, The Absolute Collagen Powder is a powder that can be added to drinks and smoothies. Tuscanini- Grape Juice in Sparkling Moscato and Sparkling Rosé, Wissotzky -Tea Herbal Red Sensation Tea, Herbal Blood Orange, Mandarin Tea & Pure Green Tea, Heaven & Earth Grain Free Hard Taco Shells, Grain Free Soft Tortillas- Free of gluten, soy, nuts and dairy

In the freezer, look for Manischewitz- Gluten Free Knishes- Classic New York knish, but with a Passover twist, Matzo Balls, Kineret– French Macarons. There are also items with kitniyot, including Ta’amti– Gluten FreePuff Pastry- Sheets Gluten Free Malawach, Gluten Free Bourekas- in cheese, potato, mushroom and pizza spirals, Heaven and Earth– Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta Rotini · Penne · ElbowsSpaghetti · Linguine.

Many New Wines to Hit Passover Shelves Despite War

Royal Wine Corp., the largest manufacturer, importer and exporter of kosher wines is introducing many new wines including California, France, Italy, Spain and Israel. According to Jay Buchsbaum, VP of Wine Education at Royal Wine Corp., “There’s nothing cookie-cutter about these Passover wines – they are top notch, award winning and distinctive. And, while red wine is traditional for the Passover Seder, it can be a nice Burgundy or a Pinot Noir, or a Cabernet – just as long as it is kosher for Passover.” The wines to be introduced list  includes the following.

  • Rocca delle Macie Chianti Classico, world famous winery producing kosher wine for the first time.
  • Lovatelli, a new line of fine and affordable Italian wines, including a Salento Primitivo
  • Cantina Giuliano, a fully kosher boutique winery started in 2014 in Tuscany, Italy.
  • Many new kosher wines are being imported from South Africa by ESSA and J Folk wineries (among them are Chenin Blanc, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon and more).
  • Bartenura – Flavored Moscatos in cans such as Peach, Lychee, and new Blueberry.
  • Château Dauzac Grand Cru Classé and Aurore de Dauzac Margaux ’21
  • Château Roubine Cru Classé Lion & Dragon Red
  • Des Moisans Deau Cognac Privilège
  • Herzog Lineage Momentus Rose
  • J de Villebois Sancerre Pinot Noir
  • Kamisa Winery – Galilee, Israel
  • Malbec du Clos Triguedina – Cahors
  • Shamay Winery Upper Galilee, Israel
  • New Carmel Black Cabernet Sauvignon, Galilée, Israel (SRP $30)
  • Brio de Château Cantenac Brown, Margaux

Carmel, Israel’s leading winery is introducing many new wines including the USA premier of new Carmel Black, a Signature Luxury brand, February 2024, just in time for the Passover season.

Yiftah Peretz, Chief Winemaker of Carmel Winery, “Our new Carmel Black is meticulously aged for 14 months in French oak barrels. Grown in the Galilee, its climate provides comfortable temperatures which offer excellent conditions for nurturing and enhancing the unique qualities of the grape. Etti Edri, Carmel’s Export Manager, “Israel is naturally the historical homeland of kosher wines, and we are excited to introduce our exclusive Carmel Black in the USA in time for Passover.”

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