MONTEBELLO: Ramapo Police Intensify Speed Enforcement Near High School Amid Safety Concerns

In a decisive response to a flurry of public concerns about rampant speeding on Mile Road, the Ramapo Police Department’s Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) has concluded a comprehensive month-long speed surveillance operation. The study, strategically focused around the local High School area, employed advanced traffic monitoring technology, including speed signs and data-recording speed trailers.

The findings of the investigation were a wake-up call: an alarming 25% of vehicles were recorded traveling at speeds of 40 miles per hour or more, flagrantly exceeding the legal limits. In a targeted enforcement action today, the TSU took to the streets, resulting in a substantial issuance of traffic citations. By day’s end, 20 drivers were handed tickets for excessive speeding, and an additional 14 were given warnings as part of the department’s commitment to road safety and speed regulation enforcement.

The Ramapo Police are sending a clear message: adherence to speed limits is non-negotiable, especially in school zones where the safety of young students is at stake. This operation is just one part of ongoing efforts to promote a safer community for all residents and commuters.

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