Monsey Fire Department Welcomes Six New Firefighters to Boost Response Times

In a bid to bolster its response times and more effectively combat fires in the area, the Monsey Fire Department has voted in six new members to its ranks. These firefighters will work alongside their colleagues to protect the community from fire-related incidents and emergencies.

All six firefighters were officially voted in by the department and will undergo extensive training to ensure that they are prepared to tackle the demands of the job.

“We are excited to have these six individuals join our team,” said Commissioner Yanky Fliegman of the Monsey Fire Department. “Their dedication, skills, and enthusiasm will greatly enhance our ability to respond to emergencies and protect our community.”

As part of their training, the new firefighters will complete rigorous physical and classroom instruction. They will also practice working with firefighting equipment, study firefighting techniques, and learn about building construction and fire behavior.

The addition of these new members is expected to significantly improve the department’s ability to respond quickly to emergencies in the area. With more hands on deck, the department will be better equipped to combat fires, and assist with other emergency services as needed.

Residents of Monsey are encouraged to welcome the new firefighters and show their support for the department’s efforts to protect the community. The Monsey Fire Department remains committed to ensuring the safety of the community and providing rapid, effective, and professional emergency response services.


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