Massive Construction Project Underway to Create New Parks and Playgrounds in Kaser Village

In an exciting development, a significant construction project has kicked off in the Village of Kaser, aiming to provide new recreational spaces and playgrounds for the local children. This initiative comes after several months of diligent efforts by community leaders and officials to secure the necessary funding.

The project involves the establishment of three brand-new parks strategically located near the Yeshivas and school buildings, promising enhanced recreational opportunities for the community’s youth. Specifically, one of these parks is set to grace the vicinity of the girls’ school loacted at 20 Ashel Lane. Another park will be situated near the Talmud Torah, conveniently located on Elyon Road. Lastly, a third park will occupy the corner of Maple Avenue and Phyllis Terrace, right in front of the Vilchovitz Hall.

While two of these parks already exist, the infusion of funds will facilitate a comprehensive makeover, with numerous new features and amenities to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of the children and their families.

In recent months, the Village diligently worked on the planning and design of these new parks, ensuring that they would provide an inclusive and vibrant space for children to enjoy. This week, the construction phase officially commenced as tractors and workers arrived on-site to initiate the extensive work required to bring these exciting projects to fruition.

Local residents and community leaders are eagerly anticipating the completion of these parks, recognizing the positive impact they will have on the quality of life for the Village’s young population. The construction project marks a significant step towards enhancing recreational opportunities and fostering a sense of community in Kaser Village.

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